Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (HCCRS)



We the Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (HCCRS) are a people of worship and praise, continually experiencing the grace of Pentecost, pledging to live transformed lives in holiness through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. We are called to spread the Good News and the Kingdom of GOD, to bridge the East and the West, and to proclaim JESUS is LORD to the glory of GOD the FATHER.

In 1970, a group of Maryknoll sisters were baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT and started Hawaii’s first Catholic Charismatic Prayer Meeting. From this original gathering, other prayer groups were formed. In 1975, leaders from these groups were led by the HOLY SPIRIT to meet regularly to establish good communications, coordinate activities, and to foster unity among the different groups. After several months of discussions, prayer, and discerning the LORD’s will, the Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services was organized. Referred to HCCRS, today we consist of 24 prayer groups and an affiliated community with an active membership of 500+ throughout the state.

We represent various Charismatic activities: Prayer Groups, Small Christian Communities, and Fellowships. Together, we are the Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services. We support, sponsor and conduct retreats, workshops, liturgies and conferences.
Our members include Priests, Deacons, Administrators, School and CCD teachers, Youth Ministers, Special Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Music Ministers, Ushers, Altar Servers, grandparents, married and single, and youth & young adults.

We pledge our obedience to the Bishop of Honolulu. We encourage all to participate fully in the life of the Church.
We declare and reaffirm our belief that the Lord’s primary purpose for us is to provide for the  orderly and continued development of the Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Hawaii.

Vision: (revised 04/28/13)
We understand the basic elements of Catholic Charismatic Renewal to be:
•    Committing oneself to Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior
•    Being baptized in the Holy Spirit;
•    Receiving and using charismatic gifts to the up building of one’s personal spirituality and ministry in the local church;
•     Developing a life of holiness in a Catholic context of faith and practice;
•     Growing together as brothers and sisters in communities of faith and love; and
•     Witnessing to others about Jesus Christ through personal testimony and works of mercy and justice.

In order to carry out our purpose we have agreed together to:
•     Intercede with the Lord Jesus for the Body of Christ and the charismatic renewal in particular;
•     Prayerfully seek the Lord’s will and direction for the Catholic    Charismatic Renewal in Hawaii;
•     Support, sponsor and/or conduct appropriate activities such as retreats, workshops, liturgies and conferences for participants and leaders;
•    Establish and operate a virtual Catholic Charismatic Renewal    Office;
•     Maintain close communications and cooperation with the Bishop and with the National Service Committee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States of America;
•    Serve as the focal point and center of communications for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Hawaii;
•     Foster unity and cooperation among the Catholic Charismatic groups in the Diocese; and
•     Foster healthy ecumenical relations with other denominational expressions of the charismatic renewal.

Head Servant (emeritus) Dominic Olaso
Director – Patricia Nevada
Diocesan Liaison – Very Rev. Gary Secor & Fr. Patrick Fanning, SSCC
Vice Chair – Jorge Samaniego
Secretary – Bernadine Zimbra
Treasurer – Chloe Samaniego

Ministry Leaders:
Intercession – Brenda Viado
Prayer – Joe Pacyao
Prayer Chain – Linda Hahn
Publicity – Teddy Adorable & Yvonne Izumi
Watchers – Rusty Silva
Word – Adrienne Winchester
Worship – Frank Chargualaf
Youth & Young Adult – Edwina Fujimoto 

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